My questions in Microsoft Forms
Columns for all questions
Track Microsoft Forms responses
Select your form
Select your destination file
Select your table
Map dynamic fields to correct column
Test Successful!
Result in Excel
Copy Path
Click OK and the error will disappear
For the Interest column, I’m going to create a dimension with the unique options, and a hidden table with the CombKey and the interests.
Split column into rows
Interests Combkey Table
Interests dimension
Relationship between Interests and Response
In 5 responses, 3 people found Azure interesting
Select the newly named column and select unpivot Columns
Unpivot table, renamed and added Order for Answer columns.
LikertQuestion[Question], Combkey_Likert[Answer], [# Response]
Three questions, only two numbers




Enthousiastic Power BI'er

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Erik Hamoen

Erik Hamoen

Enthousiastic Power BI'er

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